FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

Years 1990-1999

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 5/6 in Paris. Present were representatives and observers from 34 countries (108 people) of which one by proxy.

Following reorganization of the FAI Statutes and By-laws all Sport Aviation Committees, from now on called “Commissions” are now recognized as completely responsible for their own activities. This means that CIAM decisions are no longer subject to CASI, Council and General Conference approval.
Commission Presidents are now also FAI Council members.
Following the above CIAM will also have its own budget, available from the sanction fees for Aeromodelling World, Continental and Open International contests placed on the FAI Sporting Calendar.
Publication of the first CIAM Newsletter, called “CIAM FLYER”. The Ed/Info S/C chairman Art Schroeder at his own cost has produced this newsletter. For future issues some kind of financing has to be sought, probably a portion of future FAI/CIAM event sanction fees. See 1992.
Bureau no change; S/C Chairmen: RC Helicopters H. Hagen (USA) elected i.l.o. F. DeProft.
Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Howard Kuhn (USA)
Antonov Diploma: A. Andrukov (USSR)

CIAM Bureau Meeting November 29/30 in Paris
It was reported that the previous plans for the World Air Games (France 1991) have been deferred until 1995 (in Greece). A long discussion has been devoted to entry fees for championships, which often appear to be unreasonably high. The Bureau emphasizes the need for organizers to make offers of reasonable cost. Unless approved otherwise the Bureau fixes the maximum entry fee (= basic entry fee, food and lodging) of CHF 900 for a 7-day event.


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 21/22 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 30 countries (100 people).
Introduction of two new provisional classes in Free flight, viz class F1K Models with CO2 engines and class F1L EZB, later renamed Indoor Beginners.
Austria will organize another combined RC-World Championship (AerOlympics) in classes F3A Aerobatics, F3C Helicopters and F3D Pylon race.
It was reported that the FAI has approved a new publication for the general public concerning the FAI and sport aviation. This publication will be called “Air Sports International”. The Bureau noted the desire to provide aeromodelling material for this PR-effort.

Officer changes: Bureau no change; S/C Chairmen: RC-Electrics E. Giezendanner (SUI) elected i.l.o R. Ruijsink

Awards: None because nominations were either submitted too late or incorrectly signed by official(s) of the nominating NAC.

CIAM Bureau Meeting November 21/22 in Paris
Establishing of the Aeromodelling Fund. Ref. 1990. The Bureau proposed for the next Plenary Meeting that a sanction fee of CHF 40,- has to be paid for each contest entered on the FAI Contest Calendar.
It was expected that for 1993 approx. CHF 3000 would be available. The fund is intended to finance the following: CIAM Newsletter CIAM FLYER, prices for World Cup contests, postage for PR-work.
The FAI General Conference established a Working Group “FAI 2000”. Major aspects to be dealt with: more influence of the Commissions and Committees and more international recognition of the FAI.
A new issue of the Sporting Code Section 4 will appear in January 1993.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 26/27 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 30 countries (97 people) of which two by proxy.

The second issue of the CIAM Flyer, produced by John Konstantakatos from Greece was distributed at the meeting. The Aeromodelling Federation of Greece offered financial assistance in producing this newsletter.
Otakar Saffek was nominated to be member of the FAI World Air Games Commission for aeromodelling.
The “Builder of the Model” rule cancelled for all Control Line classes F2A, B, C, D.
Provisional class F3J rules (RC Thermal Duration Gliders) upgraded to “official”.
The new translation of provisional class F3I rules (Aerotow Gliders) was approved.
Noise limits for RC Scale models established and approved (96 dB(A) at 3 m).
Officer changes: 1st Vice-president P. Freebrey had to resign. In his place P. Chaussebourg has been elected 1st V-P, at the same time keeping the function of Assistant French Speaking Secretary. W. Groth and O Saffek changed position, now being 2nd and 3rd V-P respectively.
John Worth, Secretary since 1973 had to retire. The President thanked him for his hard work for the CIAM during 19 years and said that he was owed a lot of gratitude as he departed his official office.
The President awarded John with the FAI Air Sports Medal and the associated Diploma.
Chris Greenwood (AUS) has been elected the new Secretary.
The only change with the S/C Chairmen was the replacement of A. Schroeder by M. Dilly as chairman of the Info/Ed subcommittee.

Apart from the award given to John Worth, the following marks of honor were given:
Aeromodelling Gold Medal P. Chaussebourg (FRA)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma P. Lagan (NZL)
Antonov Diploma G. Benedek (HUN)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 3/4 in Paris

In November a CIAM delegation consisting of the President, the Technical Secretary and the F3C and F5 S/C Chairmen visited Japan on invitation by the Japan Aeronautic Association in order to review the organization of Japanese contests and possible sites for organizing future world championships in Japan.
The F3A RC aerobatics S/C reported that the AMA had produced an F3A Judging video, which was shown at the meeting. It was noted that the video complied with the F3A Judges Guide and consequently accepted as official.
The editor of Air Sports International for filling the 3 pages reserved for aeromodelling items requested contributions.
The organizer gave a detailed report on the organization of the World Air Games in Greece. Saffek, CIAM Liaison Officer, reported lack of co-operation.
Extensive discussion on noise limiting measures for class F1C, Free Flight power models.
5000 Copies of the 1993 edition of the Sporting Code Section 4 will be printed in the USA.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 25/26 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 34 countries (92 people) of which one by proxy.

The President reported from the General Conference that aeromodelling is the biggest activity in the FAI with world wide nearly 300.000 registered sportsmen.
The 1993 CIAM newsletter “CIAM Flyer” has again been produced by John Konstantakatos from Greece.
The Greece Aeromodelling Federation and donations have paid the cost, with the shortfall coming from CIAM sanction fees. The proceeds of the 1993 sanction fees are estimated at approx. 3300 US$.
The new 1993 Sporting Code Section 4 is available from the FAI office at a cost of 10 US$ each.
Noise limits and noise limiting measurements for the four control line classes were approved.
There will be another combined RC classes world championship (F3A, F3C and F3D) in Austria. It appeared that the F3C site was 32 km away from the site of the other two classes, which does not comply with the idea of having a multi-class championship at the same venue.
Changes: Bureau none; S/C Chairmen: T. Bartovsky (CZE) elected chairman of the RC Soaring S/C i.l.o. R. Girsberger.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal K. Plocins (LAT)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma G. Naruke (JPN)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 2/3 in Paris
World Air Games (called “Icariada” by the organizers) in Greece. A change of ministers in the Greek government caused delay in the preparations. The Greek NAC did not allow members of the Greek Aeromodelling Federation to participate as officials in various aeromodelling events at the W.A.G.
In a fax the FAI 1st Vice-president accused the CIAM of attempting to sabotage the World Air Games. The CIAM President stated that this accusation was entirely false and rejected it. CIAM has always supported the concept of the W.A.G. but it has the obligation to ensure the events would be successful and would not resile from that position.
The International Jet Model Committee asked for recognition of Large Scale RC Jet Models as a separate class in F4. A working group was appointed to study this request. The Scale S/C chairman stated that the jet models could easily be operated within the existing F4C rules with some adoption to the flight program.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 24/25 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 33 countries (103 people).

In the proceeding Bureau meeting was told that the Greek Government had withdrawn all support for the World Air Games resulting in cancellation of the event. Now replacements had to be sought for the CIAM events scheduled for the Icariada.
CIAM Flyer No. 4 was distributed at the meeting and appeared to be another excellent issue.
Mr. John Konstantakatos, who was responsible for the second thru fourth issues of the CIAM Newsletter, announced that he was unable to continue as Editor. The president thanked him for an excellent job done. Jack Sile offered to take over the work, which was accepted by the meeting.
Provisional rules for organizing World Cup contests for Control Line (to start with classes F2A and F2C were approved.
Substantial changes in the specifications for F3A RC aerobatics models approved. (Max. overall span 2 m; maximum overall length 2 m; maximum total weight 5 kg. No limitations in piston engine power.

Changes: There were no changes in either the composition of the Bureau, or that of the Subcommittee Chairmen.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal O. Saffek (CZE)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma R. Peers (GBR)

First World Championship for F5D, combined with F5B, in Australia.

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 1/2 in Paris
In order to comply with the French law, he CIAM was required to set up a budget for each year. To cover the still increasing cost of everything. The Sanction Fees, which fill the CIAM Fund, were reviewed and will be as follows, starting in 1996:
World Championships CHF 300; Continental Championships CHF 200 and Open Internationals CHF 100. This would increase the yearly income to approx. CHF. 12000.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 23/24 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 31 countries (103 people).

New bidders for the World Air Games came up after the cancellation of the Greek event, viz. Turkey and South Africa. The CIAM President has been appointed CIAM Liaison Officer to the WAG Coordinating Committee. The WAG are now scheduled for 1997.
Class RC Thermal Soaring (F3J) obtained World Championship Status.

Changes: All Bureau members were renominated unopposed and were re-appointed.
All S/C Chairmen were re-appointed with exception of the Scale S/C Chairman. Mr. Dennis Thumpston who retired due to illness. N. Jensen (NOR) was nominated unopposed and appointed. Mr. Thumpston died in June of this year.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Vernon Hunt (GBR)
Antonov Diploma Bros. Rob and Bert Metkemeijer (NED)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Bror Eimar (SWE)

As a result of the visit to Japan by CIAM officers, Japan will organize the 1995 F3A (RC Aerobatics) and F3C (RC Helicopters) World Championships in Kasaoka near Osaka.

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 7/8 in Paris
Due to a general strike in France the Bureau Meeting had to be postponed and took place on 11/12 January 1996.

The World Air Games will now be held in Turkey in 1997. Test competitions will be held in 1996 at he same time and places as the official games.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 28/29 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 32 countries (101 people).
At the preceding Bureau Meeting it was reported that the income of the Aeromodelling Fund for 1996 has been estimated at CHF 13000. Expenditure has been extended and the budget for 1996 shows the following items: CIAM Flyer 4000; Airsports Medals 200; World Cup Medals 1000; Presidents Travel Expenses 3500; Bureau Travel Expenses 3000; Technical Secretary Expenses (e.g. postage, etc.) 400; Sundries 600 (all amounts in CHF).
It was decided that the following classes will have the 1997 World Championships at the first World Air games, to be held in Turkey: RC Soaring (3 tasks) F3B and RC Helicopters F3C. Continental Championships at the W.A.G. will be for Free Flight Juniors F1A, F1B and F1J and for Space models.
As a result of gross national bias three control line aerobatic judges who acted in the 1994 C/L W.Ch and 1994 C/L E.C were banned from judging at the 1998 and 2000 C/L W.Ch. Nomination of these judges for the judges list by their NAC’s will not be accepted for this period.
Changes: Bureau - A. Ree (HUN) was elected 3rd Vice-president i.l.o O. Saffek. S/C Chairmen: Space Models - O. Saffek elected i.l.o H. Kuhn and Ed/Info M. Colling (GBR) elected i.l.o M. Dilly.
Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Pawel Wlodarczyk (POL)
Tupolev Medal Peter Halman (GBR)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Boris Krasnorutsky (RUS)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 5/6 in Paris
World Air Games: The President reported on the test games held this year. Problems were identified as being a shortage of officials who speak English, inadequate equipment for F3B and not enough available RC-frequencies. The organizers will invite international experts to assist where needed. The organizers presented the program for the aeromodelling and spacemodelling events.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 20/21 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 37 countries of which two by proxy (106 people).
The 1997 edition of Sporting Code Section 4 has been distributed in loose leaf A4 format to all NAC’s and to CIAM Bureau members and S/C Chairmen. The Code had not been printed in bulk, but it could be reproduced by the NAC’s as required in any format they wish. The Code can also be downloaded from the FAI Internet Web page. Text will also be available on CD-ROM. The Code contains a new Section 4e, which contains the Provisional Rules. Only Guides and Forms remain in the Sporting Code Supplement. The French version is also available.
CIAM Budget: Anticipated income for 1998 amounts to CHF 14000.
During a number of years the Technical Secretary in co-operation with Europe Airsports, made a survey of RC Frequencies for aeromodelling in the European Union member states as well as worldwide among FAI member countries. Mr. Graham Lynn who is the CIAM member of the Europe Airsports Aeromodelling Working Group gave a presentation of the results and action to be taken to obtain official allocation of frequencies for aeromodelling by the Conférence Européenne des Postes et Télécommunication (CEPT) at a meeting of all CEPT delegates in April next. The 35-MHz band appeared the most in use in Europe and is requested for use for aeromodels exclusively as a matter of safety. The meeting supported this action.

Changes: Bureau - None; S/C Chairmen: Space Models - S. Pelagic elected i.l.o O. Saffek.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Huang Yongliang (CHN).
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Vladimir Handlik (CZE)
Antonov Diploma Stefan Gasparin (CZE)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 4/5 in Paris.
The President reported on the World Air Games. In general these were successful although there were shortcomings and lack of experience in all aspects of the Games. It was noted that good relationship with the media is necessary to obtain media coverage such as happened with parachuting. Other Commissions should try to do so in future.

In 1998 the first World Championship for Class F3J (RC Thermal Duration Gliders) will be held.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 26/27 in Paris, attended by ? representatives from ? countries.

A Working group headed by the Technical Secretary has during the past three years been working on a rewrite of Part 7 of Sporting Code Section 4c, Records, in order to upgrade the rules in agreement with the technical developments in the past two decades. The final proposal has, with minor modifications, been accepted by the Bureau and has been put on the Agenda for the Plenary Meeting. It was approved, effective January 1st, 2001.
Provisional Rules for a new Class F1N Indoor Hand launched Glider proposed by the Free Flight S/C were approved.

First F3J World Championship in the Great Britain.

It was approved as a local rule until 2001 that because of the great number of judges required for F3A RC Aerobatic World Championships an extra increase of CHF 150 may be asked over the present maximum allowed entry fee.
Approved was an Organizers Guide for contests in Category F5 RC Electric Powered Flight.

Changes: Bureau: all Bureau members were re-elected except the Technical Secretary Tony Aarts, who after more than 24 years in office had been replaced by Bob Underwood (USA).
S/C Chairmen: No change.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Ian Kaynes (GBR)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Eugeny Verbitskiy (UKR)
Antonov Diploma Jack North (GBR)

CIAM Bureau Meeting November 26/27 in Paris. This was the last CIAM Meeting in Paris. FAI
Headquarters have moved to Lausanne in Switzerland per 1 January 1999.


CIAM Plenary Meeting on March 18/19 in Lausanne, attended by 109 representatives from 35 countries.

The World Air Games 2001, to be held in Spain, were announced. The effort is to obtain more attention for aeromodelling from the press. Liaisons with the organization will be Sandy Pimenoff and Guy Revel (also appointed as CIAM media consultant). They will propose new classes to the Plenary Meeting. Discussion whether the World Air Games competitions get the World or Continental Championships status or not.
For the second time there was a proposal to introduce 96 dB (A) as maximum noise emission for all classes with internal combustion engines. Every involved category had it’s own arguments to get on with this subject. Agreement: proposals to present in the next Bureau Meeting.
Introduction of the new provisional class F3K: R/C hand launch gliders.
For promotional efforts the Paul Ehling Diploma was introduced.
E-mail comes more and more into fashion for communication between each other.
Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Tony Aarts (NED)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Hideyo Enomoto (JPN)
Changes: Bureau: Secretary C. Greenwood replaced by L. Gialanella. S/C Chairmen: No change.

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 2/3 in Lausanne.