FAI Member Organisation

IF YOU ARE A FAI MEMBER ORGANISATION (a NAC or a national body empowered to issue FAI Sporting Licences on behalf of the FAI)

Please make sure to upload in the database and update on a regular basis all valid data relating to the FAI Sporting Licences issued by your country.

Login to the FAI Sporting Licence Database

Username & Password : To upload and/or edit data, please use the username and password each NAC had received from the FAI.

Instructions : Download the User Instructions for National Airsport Control Organisations.

For any other question relating to the FAI Sporting Licence Database, please contact the FAI Secretariat.


IF YOU ARE A COMPETITORplease directly contact the FAI member (NAC - National Airsport Control) in your country. The FAI does not issue FAI Sporting licences. Only NACs do.