Due to the Coronavirus situation, meetings can be cancelled on short notice.

FAI Executive Board19 Oct 202119 Oct 2021Online-
FAI Rotorcraft Commission22 Oct 202122 Oct 2021Online-
FAI Environmental Commission04 Nov 202104 Nov 2021Online-
FAI General Conference09 Nov 202111 Nov 2021Online-
FAI Commission Presidents Meeting15 Nov 202115 Nov 2021Online-
FAI Executive Board16 Nov 202116 Nov 2021Online-
FAI Aerobatics Commission19 Nov 202121 Nov 2021Online-
FAI General Aviation Commission20 Nov 202120 Nov 2021Online-
FAI Microlight & Paramotor Commission20 Nov 202121 Nov 2021Online-
FAI Commission Presidents Meeting20 Dec 202120 Dec 2021Online-
FAI Executive Board21 Dec 202121 Dec 2021Online-
FAI Commission Presidents Meeting17 Jan 202217 Jan 2022Online-
FAI Executive Board18 Jan 202218 Jan 2022Online-
FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commission27 Jan 202230 Jan 2022BelgradeSerbia
FAI Skydiving Commission28 Jan 202229 Jan 2022BucarestRomania
FAI Commission Presidents Meeting14 Feb 202214 Feb 2022Online-
FAI Executive Board15 Feb 202215 Feb 2022Online-
FAI Gliding Commission04 Mar 202205 Mar 2022CopenhagenDenmark
FAI Ballooning Commission18 Mar 202219 Mar 2022RomeItaly
FAI Medico-Physiological Commission25 Sep 202225 Sep 2022ParisFrance
FAI General Aviation Commission17 Nov 202222 Nov 2022FunchalPortugal