FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

09 Nov 2022

CIAM Flyer (4-2022): Committed to fair and innovative aviation sport for over 100 years

Those engaging in sports such as hiking, climbing or sailing on their own – i.e. not competitively, are hardly likely to join a sporting organisation. For competitive sports, however, important principles such as equal opportunities, in other words a "level playing field", apply. These principles are implemented through what we call rules, laid down in sets of rules or regulations.


Competitive sport needs rules With the exception of very traditional sporting disciplines, rules are constantly adapted to social and technical changes. Performance increases in e.g. athletics have influenced the infrastructure of sports facilities. In the interest of safety, protection of the environment and the prevention of injuries, developments in technical sports such as motor racing have also led to clear rules in the form of limitations being imposed. Establishing and updating such rules is the responsibility of national and international sports associations. The latter ensure that the same conditions apply throughout the world.