Formation Skydiving is the skill of building formations or patterns in freefall. The discipline is executed either in the prone position (with belly to earth) or vertically (with either feet or head towards earth).

A competition team consists of 4 or 8 performers, and one videographer. A competition has up to 10 rounds, with each round comprising 5 or 6 formations drawn from a pre-determined international pool of random and block formations.. The teams have a certain number of seconds to repeat the sequence of formations continually and correctly in freefall. Each correctly completed formation scores one point.

The Randoms are individual formations with full separation of all grips required between the performers both before and after building the formation. The Blocks consist of two formations with a designated movement between them. 

Judging is based on the videographer's footage of each round and is done objectively. Only the technical performance counts.

The winning team will be the team that has collected the most points, by completing the most correct formations within time after the final round is complete. In case of weather or technical problems, or other causes, a competition will be valid if all participating teams have completed at least one round.