02 Sep 2018

Gala Dinner and Closing Ceremony in Montana

Thursday 30 August 2018:  The local catering company who has done an excellent job feeding us all week, arrived mid-afternoon to set up tables and chairs on the drop zone in front of the podium/stage, in readiness for the Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner which was scheduled for 20.00hrs.

With fewer rounds required to complete Female Team Accuracy, Female Style and Female Junior Style these events had finished a couple of days earier and their respective medal award ceremonies had taken place shortly afterwards. The remaining medals were awarded this evening by several of the dignatories who had joined us for the Opening Ceremony, with the medal-carrying girls dressed in traditional Bulgarian costumes. Raca, who kept everyone informed about the competition live from the pit throughout the competition, was our Master of Ceremonies with Vesela 'No Questions' Stamenova-Djorova translating. Vesela earned this nickname when she headed the various Team Leaders' meetings, as she refused to answer questions if interupted during her address.

The entire signed off official results can be viewed HERE and we extend our CONGRATULATIONS to each and every Winner and our brand new World Champions. Photos and placings can be viewed on the individual pages accessed from this THIS LINK.

Photos will appear here shortly.