26 Apr 2023

FAI and Slovak Anti-Doping Agency host educational stand at World Indoor Skydiving Championships

At a special ‘Fly Clean’ stand at the recent 4th FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships in Slovakia, FAI and the Slovak Anti-Doping Agency (SADA) helped to raise awareness and open discussion about doping-free sport amongst the competitors.

The stand, a collaborative venture between both organisations, provided visitors with anti-doping information and resources, explaining doping control procedures; how to use the WADA prohibited list - including the risk of taking some food supplements, and how to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption certificates (TUEs) as well as understanding the anti-doping rules. During the championships, more than 100 athletes had the opportunity to increase their knowledge, as well as ask questions directly to the FAI and SADA officials and get specialist advice from them.

The two organisations also benefited from listening to the athletes and their concerns, which is integral to advancing the development of clean air sports. 

FAI Anti-Doping Manager Kamila Vokoun Hájková said:

“We’re pleased the competitors welcomed FAI and SADA’s initiative to help them level up their knowledge and understanding of anti-doping. For some athletes, it was their first experience with clean sport, so the education provided helped to dispel any initial concerns they might have had over rules and procedures.

“We are delighted we not only delivered in-person education but also got feedback from athletes. It is just as important to provide education as to listen to the athletes’ preoccupations and comments. We can now be even more efficient at protecting clean athletes and raising awareness for doping-free sport.

“I’d like to thank SADA, and particularly Kamila Chomanicova for this excellent collaboration. I hope we can reproduce this success at other competitions in the future, whether it be Slovakia or elsewhere.”

The booth was part of the FAI Fly Clean Campaign which seeks to preserve "the spirit of sport". FAI has dedicated an entire section of its website to anti-doping. It includes useful information, documents, news and FAQs for athletes and their entourage, as well as for event organisers.

Photo credit: SADA