The IGC Shell program is available at no charge and is for electronic Validation of the integrity and structure of an IGC-format flight data file, a requirement before the flight data may be used in the overall Validation of a flight performance to the standards of IGC.  For some Flight Recorders, IGC Shell is also used for downloading the file from the Recorder to a PC and for others the conversion of a binary format to the ASCII IGC data file format.  

The IGC Shell program was produced by GFA Committee member Marc Ramsey.  It works through MS Windows and technical details are in Appendix 3 of the Technical Specification for IGC-approved GNSS flight recorders, available through these web pages. The program is available below together with a demonstration FR manufacturer's Data Link Library (DLL) file that provides Validation (and if applicable, the download function).

This page also provides links to the latest manufacturers' Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files that work with the IGC Shell program when the appropriate DLL file is in the same directory as the Shell program. 

Where an FR manufacturer has not provided a DLL file to work with the IGC Shell program, the earlier DATA-XXX.exe, VALI-XXX.exe and CONV-XXX.exe program files are listed below, where XXX is the IGC three-letter code for the FRR manufacturer concerned.