16 Aug 2021

Roy Gommer (NED) is the new FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Champion

Congratulations to Roy Gommer, Netherlands, who took a gold at the 5th FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship 2021 which was held in Lezsno, Poland and finished on 14 August.

The 43 pilots from 15 countries took part in a range of challenging tasks such as: Judge declared goal, 3D shape task, Hesitation waltz and Minimum distance double drop. The Balloon Live App and Balloon Live Sensor were used for logging. 


  1. Roy Gommer NED
  2. Denis Dawidziuk POL
  3. Dimitry Zhokhov RUS

Interviewed after the medal ceremony by Luana Mari Noda, a balloon pilot from Brazil, Denis Dawidziuk of Poland who took second place commented that the final was like "two boxers in the ring" but conceded that the first place by Roy Gommer of the Netherlands was well earned. 

Roy GOMMER (Netherlands) and Denis DAWIDZIUK (Poland) at the 5th FAI Junior World HAB Championship in Leszno, Poland, August 2021.

Header image - Maciej Dziamski (Leszno Balloon Club member)