2023 FAI World Drone Racing Championship


06 Oct
09 Oct 2023


National team

Two Drone Racing World Cup events may be organized every year for any country. For a country which extends over more than three time zones, one World Cup contest may be organized within each time zone of the country with a maximum of four events for the country.

Every NAC may enter a team including a tem manager, maximum five individual competitors (providing that at least one competitor is Female and at least one is Junior), helpers and a supporter. The team manager may be a dedicated person or one of the competitors of the team.

Individual competitors qualified

The following competitors were qualified to participate as individual competitor with a wild card subject not to be registered as a competitor in their national team:

  • Reigning World Champion (2019 WDRC).
  • 3 best placed in the 2022 TWG in USA.
  • 16 best placed competitors in the Drone Racing World Cup ranking based on the contests held during the 12 months period from 1st August 2022 up to 31 July 2023.
  • 3 best placed in a Drone Racing World Cup event held during that 12 months period, and in which at least 40 competitors had flown.


Any competitor may be a helper of other competitors from any country. The team manager may also act as helper for the competitors of its national team. In addition, dedicated helper(s) may be registered subject to limit to one helper maximum per competitor.

Note: Helper and supporter are two different profiles with same entry fee amount but not the same rights. For a safety reason, the supporters will not be authorized to access the flying zone, including the preflight checking zone, which will be restricted to the pilots, helpers and team managers.

Definition of a junior

According to the CIAM general rules, a competitor is considered to be a junior up to and including the calendar year in which he attains the age of 18. So, for the 2023 WDRC, a competitor is Junior subject to be born after December 31, 2004.

2023 WDRC - PARTICIPANTS PER COUNTRY    (Updated September 26, 2023)

2023 WDRC - COMPETITOR'S LIST    (Updated September 26, 2023)