Technical and Safety Information Notices issued by the Technical & Safety Committee of the FAI Skydiving Commission are issued as information and help to parachuting nations and their affiliated members. The Information Notices are of an objective informative nature and there is no direct or implied criticism of any manufacturer or product intended.  The Information Notices do not claim to be complete.  The Information Notices may result from:

  1. An incident or experience in the field being reported.
  2. The issue of a notice by a manufacturer or by a National Parachuting Organisation. In the case of equipment being the subject of the bulletin the reader is advised to check with the manufacturer regarding the current status or position of that equipment. 

Technical & Safety Committee of the FAI Skydiving Commission, the FAI Skydiving Commission and FAI accept no liability for the use or misuse of any information contained in this Information Notice. The reader assumes all liability.