19 Feb 2013

Plenary 2013 - Paragliders rescue parachutes: one or two?

The 2013 Plenary amended the November Bureau decision as follow: “From May 1st, 2014, all pilots must carry this reserve parachute plus one more. The latter must be deployable with the opposite hand compared to the main reserve or, even better, with either hand. As an alternative to two reserve parachutes, a single reserve parachute easily deployable by either hand may be used. Pilots are encouraged not to wait for this deadline to get equipped with a second reserve. Pilots should make sure that both reserve parachute, main and second, are within th maximum certified weight. Pilots should check and repack their reserves regularly and get used to throw them while in flight simulators.”

It is understood that – one or two – parachutes must be reachable and deployable in all conditions, even degraded (spin, etc.).

This decision concerns Category 1 events only. NACs, in their own competitions, are free to implement this rule following their own timeline or to not to implement it.

Another recommendation was adopted and a budget of 2,000€ adopted to test the Automatic Rescue and Alert System (ARAS).

(Photo from The Telegraph, UK, found on the www)