06 Nov 2005

Plenary 2006

The Plenary Meeting of the CIVL will be held on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February 2006 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Subcommittees and Working Groups will meet on Friday the 10th. The hang gliding and paragliding federations of the FAI member countries, in the CIVL Plenary Meeting represented by their delegates, can send in proposals that will be put on the agenda no later than the 12th December 2005. The agenda and information (including the budget for 2006) will be published on 21st December 2005. A final financial report will be published on 15th January 2006. Only items that appear on the agenda can be discussed and decided upon in the Plenary Meeting. Any item not on the agenda may be discussed only if agreed to by at least two thirds of the Delegates present, or represented by proxy, but no decision can be made.