23 Nov 2023

FAI 1 Bids and Proposals for CIVL Plenary 2024

CIVL Bureau reminds that for the coming Plenary the bidding is open for the following events:

  • 2026 - European Paragliding Championships
  • 2026 - European Hang Gliding Class 1
  • 2026 - Pan-American Paragliding Championships
  • 2026 - European Paragliding Accuracy Championships
  • 2026 - Asian-Oceanic Paragliding Championships
  • 2026 - Asian or Asian-Oceanic Paragliding Accuracy Championships
  • 2026 - Pan-American Paragliding Accuracy Championships
  • 2026 - World Junior Paragliding Championships


  • 2025 - World Paragliding Sport Class Championship *
  • 2024 - World Paragliding Aerobatics Championship **


The template for the bid can be found at this link

Bids will be circulated before the plenary. There will be no presentation of the bids during the plenary, except for a Questions & Answers session.

The NACs are encouraged to send proposals and bids ASAP. They will be circulated on Basecamp Committees, Working Groups and Delegates as needed.

The deadline for bids is January 1, 2024

The deadline for proposals is January 15, 2024


Our plenary will be successful if delegates anticipate and work online. To this effect, Basecamp dedicated Projects will be opened.

Zoom platform will be used to participate in discussions during Open meetings and to broadcast the plenary. 
There will be no online voting. Only delegates present will vote. Please make arrangements to give your proxy vote to another delegate if you are unable to attend. 


The 2024 CIVL Plenary will be held Mungyeong, South Korea, from February 26 to 29, 2024.

Registration link: https://civlcomps.org/seminar/civl-plenary-2024

All Plenary materials (Agenda, Proposal, Bids, Programme) can be found on a dedicated page https://www.fai.org/page/civl-meetings



* If the Sport Class project is approved by the Plenary. PG Sport class Bids are due by Jan 30th, 2024. 

** A late bid will be accepted with the approval of PG Aerobatics committee