21 Nov 2022

Announcement of CIVL Request for New Championship Bids

2024 Pan-American Paragliding Championship
CIVL is re-opening the bidding for the 2024 Pan-American Paragliding Championship. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the current organizer will not be able to hold the event as planned, so we are accepting new bids. The deadline is 31 December 2022.

2024 European Paragliding Accuracy Championship
The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine creates uncertainty about whether the 2024 European Paragliding Accuracy Championship, planned to be held in Russia, will be possible. Accordingly, CIVL is opening a new invitation requesting provisional bids for the event. 
At the 2023 CIVL Plenary in March, a decision will be made about whether the venue needs to be changed, and if so, a new winning bid will then be selected. The deadline for bids is 31 December 2022.

Interested countries must be able to hold a test event in 2023, followed by the Championship in 2024. Bids should be sent to: civl_comps@fai.org and civl-president@fai.org. The winner will be chosen during the 2023 CIVL Plenary.

Note that while the events are in 2024, a decision must be made in early 2023 because the new organizers would need time to plan and execute test events later in 2023.