01 May 2022

2022 Edition of the Section 7 is published

A New edition of FAI Sporting Code Section 7 was published in CIVL Documents. It is effective on May 1, 2022.

The changes affect the following aspects:

Section 7 Common:

  • First and Second Category events may take part in the following categories: Individual, Team, Overall, Men, Women, Junior.
  • Junior categories are called Junior U-XX (for Under XX-year of age). The age is determined by the calendar year in which the pilot has his birthday. The categories are: XC Junior U-26, Accuracy Junior U-26, Aerobatic Junior U-23.
  • EMS is in use - https://www.civlcomps.org. It is a new CIVL ranking and competition management system. For the correctness of the data, all new pilots need to register to it by themselves. It is mandatory to use it at category 1 events for registration, allocation and results publication.
  • To participate in First Category events, a harness and back protector combination must have been certified to LTF09 or EN1651:2018 or after, more than 90 days before the start of the event

Section 7 A Cross Country

  • Junior age is defined as under 26 years old.
  • From January 1st, 2025 the maximum number of pilots permitted is 130. This may be increased by exception during the bid process.
  • The allocation period is defined by the local rules of the event. 14 days before the event a missing pilot can be replaced only by a pilot from the same nation.
  • Limit extra places for women to one slot per team.
  • Tracklog IGC file interval is set to 1 second.
  • Cloud flying penalty and penalty in case of stopped/cancelled task were redefined.
  • Re-launches are not permitted unless they are specially allowed.

Section 7 B Paragliding Aerobatics

  • Judging on re-flight rule
  • A new definition in the validation of run.
  • Changed evaluation criteria and bonuses in Full stall, asymmetric spiral, asymmetric SAT, Super Stall, Misty to SAT, Tumbling, and some others.

Section 7 C Paragliding Accuracy 

  • Judges' code is removed from Section 7 C.
  • Junior age is defined as under 26 years old.

Section 7 D Records and Badges

  • Tracklog IGC file interval is set to 1 second.

Section 7 F XC Scoring:

  • Task distance calculation method was changed.

Section 7 I Guidelines and Templates

  • Added templates for Protest and Task board. The Task board is a printable PDF.


The current edition of Section 7 can always be found in CIVL documents https://www.fai.org/civl-documents under Sporting Code and Other rules - Section 7 Hang Gliding and Paragliding