07 Mar 2023

Webinar - Human Factors Accident Classification System

Register now for the webinar organised by the FAI Medico-Physiological Commission (CIMP) "Meet the inventors! Human Factors Accident Classification System - how to understand the multi-layered causes, and prevent accidents".



The Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) is a tool that integrates available accident data in a taxonomy which facilitates extraction of critical information for the investigating and analysis of human error associated with accidents and incidents.

This data identifies key issues critical to the understanding of incident and accident occurrence and in turn their prevention.

The research has shown that HFACS can be reliably used to identify general trends in the human factors associated with military and general aviation accidents.

The majority of causal factors were attributed to the aircrew and the environment, with decidedly fewer associated with supervisory and organisational causes based on the study which will be presented during the webinar.


The FAI Medico-Physiological Commission (CIMP) has been created to study the medical and physiological factors that influence human performance and behaviour in the air sports environment. CIMP stands for "Commission Internationale Médico-Physiologique".