21 Aug 2018

Victory for Poland at the FAI World Microlight Championships

Congratulations to the Polish National Team, who put in a strong performance to beat the Czech and Hungarian teams into second and third place at the 16th FAI World Microlight Championships.

Other winners at the 2018 championships, held at Nagykanizsa Airport in Hungary, included: 

Ukrainian Yuri Yakovlev and his son Tymofii, who claimed gold in the three-axis, two-seater class;

Czech pilot Jiri Krajca, who triumphed in the three-axis, single-seater class;

Russian huband and wife team – Maxim and Alfilia Semenov – who took the top spot in the two-seater trike event;

new single-seater trike champion Blazej Piech of Poland;

and Polish autogyro winners Marcin Majsterek and Dominika Jurkiewicz.

Thanks to all those involved in the event, including the more than 60 pilots who took part and the local organiser, Hungary’s Kanizsa Repülö Klub.

National team results

  1. Poland 62.257 points
  2. Czech 47.715 points 
  3. Hungary 38.457 points

Photo caption: RWL2 class podium: 1. Maksim Semenov/Alfiia Semenova (RUS); 2. Per T. Hoyland/Hakon Fosso (NOR); 3. Károly Hegedüs Tünde Csapó (HUN) - credit: FAI/ Wolfgang Lintl