26 Oct 2022

Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz

Dietrich Mateschitz - the co-founder of Red Bull - died last weekend aged 78 after battling a long illness. FAI joins the air sports community in expressing condolences to Mateschitz’s family, friends and colleagues.

The Austrian businessman created the well-known energy drinks company in the 1980s and the brand went on to sponsor many sports teams and events. As a huge fan of motor sports, he purchased a Formula One car racing team in 2004 and went on to enjoy incredible success.

Mateschitz was also a pilot’s licence holder and was known for his significant personal collection of vintage aircraft; his enthusiasm for air sports has made a significant contribution to FAI’s athletes and teams over the years.

FAI became a partner of the Red Bull Air Race in 2005, and the incredible skills displayed by the pilots competing in this FAI World Championship provided thrilling entertainment enjoyed by fans across the globe. The Red Bull Air Race was discontinued after the completion of the 2019 season.

Red Bull supported many athletes who competed in FAI competitions and the Red Bull Flying Bulls team have contributed to many FAI sanctioned events with aerial displays which wowed audiences and competitors alike. The Flying Bulls’ legendary Hangar 7 venue in Salzburg has hosted several FAI meetings.

Red Bull also sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s skydive from the edge of space in 2012, in which the fellow Austrian made three FAI world records, and was on the ground to greet the skydiver upon his return to earth.

Mateschitz’s vision and passion created a major impact upon the international sporting world. Through sponsoring some of modern history’s most courageous and pioneering pilots and athletes, Red Bull’s enormous contribution to FAI air sports and aviation in general has been ground-breaking, and its legacy will doubtless continue long into the future.