20 Dec 2018

Latest News : Newsletter - Plenary Agenda - Bulletin 1 for 3rd WISC

20 December 2018

Your Bureau has been busy this year, and the latest Newsletter is now available on the website under the link Newsletter no. 2

or for those who like to find things for themselves - it is under the menu heading 'Documents' - IPC Docuemnts - Newsletters - 2018.

After some confusion the final version of the Agenda and all accompanying documents for the upcoming Plenary, Lille, January 2019 are now available for downloading from the website - follow the menu heading :  Organisation - Meetings - IPC Meetings - 2019 Lille - Agenda

Finally but very important Bulletin 1 for the 2nd FCE to take place in 2019 - i.e. 3rd FAI WISC, Lille, France 11-20 April 2019 is published - Bulletin 1

As 2018 draws to a close we wish you all greetings and happiness for this festive season, Peace, Goodwill, Blue Skies and Safe Landings for 2019.