04 May 2020

Information on activity and Covid-19 pandemic

Information on activity and Covid-19 pandemic

Many or most dropzones, worldwide, have been closed, due to the Covid-19 virus, and the ease with which it is transmitted. Skydiver, and dropzone operators are anxiously awaiting a return to normal skydiving activity. Below are three documents which may be useful to you and your dropzones in deciding if and when to commence operating. The regulations of the competent authorities in your country or region, in relation to restrictions, must of course be strictly adhered to.

The document,  Transitional Rules for your Sports and Disciplines , comes from the German Parachute Federation, and it offers guidelines for activity.

The second document, COVID-19 DZ Recovery Plan Guideline Document  comes from Dr Stephan Kramer, a medical doctor and member of this Technical & Safety Committee.  

The third Document is the EASA SIB No: 2020-02R4 Issued: 07 April 2020

The T&S Committee hopes that these papers may be of some help to you and your skydiving association or federation. The Committee would welcome comments on the documents, and what plans or protocols, if any, your NAC has prepared to resume operations.