03 May 2018

IBD - Latest regarding 3rd FAI WCIS, Bahrain 24 - 28 October 2018

Friday, 3rd May 2018

Yesterday the Bureau issued their latest IBD (09) with regard to an oversite relating to the revision of the Bid from Bahrain for the World Cup in Indoor Skydiving, October 2018, which was to the benefit of competitors.

Please follow this link:  https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/ipc/2018/wcis/2018_9_interim_bureau_decision_.pdf

In addition the Bureau has decided to publish the Revised Bid for all to understand these changes, before the Bulletin 1 is produced, reflecting them.

Bahrain gets even more exciting as a competition  - a 'must be there' for the end of the year.

The Bid is published on this website under 'Documents' - 'IPC' - 'Events' - 2018 - New Bid or https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/ipc/2018/wcis/new_gravity_indoor_skydiving_-_3rd_fai_world_cup_bid_with_changes.pdf