01 Dec 2018

IBD 20 - Junior Category for Solo Freestyle - WISC Lille 2019

1st December 2018

The French Federation drew the attention of the Bureau to the fact that in the Competition Rules for Solo Freestyle (Indoor) there is no mention of a Junior Category, despite the fact that since the 1st World Championships (2015) there has been a competition for one. 

This had come to their attention because they were placing the order with the FAI for the Medals to be awarded.  Given the additional importance of the event in Lille with regard to the Olympic project of the FAI/IPC and FFP for Paris and therefore its high profile nature, the Bureau agreed that a Junior Category would apply for this event. 

Obviously this will go back to the committee and the Plenary to be reflected in the Competition Rules 2019 and how this category will be dealt with after the WISC in Lille.

Follow the link to the actual IBD.