20 Jun 2005

How do we communicate?

FAI News, CIVL News, CIVL Info… How do we communicate? We cannot say that communication has been the top notched priority of the latest Bureaux. Well, the new Bureau has decided to spend more time on it. Right now, the Bureau has mainly been putting on line News in brief on the site Home page. You do have to go on the CIVL web site to find out if anything new has been added. Three other lists are in service, but are seldom used: - FAI News is a one way, moderated list. FAI post his own Infos. The CIVL Bureau can ask that some of its Infos be posted through it. They will be edited by FAI then put online. - CIVL News is a one way, moderated list. The CIVL Bureau can put any info he wants in it. They will be put online by the FAI. - CIVL Info is a two ways, non moderated list. The Bureau can put directly any info he wants. Anyone can answer. It’s like a forum. FAI has put some filters against spams, etc. Will be accepted only mails from the people (and addresses) in the list. If you have two addresses, you have to make sure you are writing and receiving with the same one. We used to have a CIVL-pg-info list available. It was seldom used (3/4 messages a year). It was recently closed. The Bureau is still thinking about the best way to use those 3 lists. We are no sure we want to get involved in a very lively forum, as it is always very time consuming and often not very constructive. We also do believe that the Bureau should mainly deal with the countries delegates and the working groups, and not directly with the pilots. Still, it’s nice to get feedback from you guys and girls in direct-live! So, we are still thinking about it! Any suggestion? Please let us know! Stephane Malbos, official CIVL Treasurer and unofficial PR man, volpassion@wanadoo.fr