21 Dec 2017

The future of air sports event organisation is here – and its name is eNavigator

Organising and running a world-class air sports event is now easier than ever before, thanks to the eNavigator system designed by FAI Global Technical Partner Noosphere Ventures, founded by Max Polyakov.

The cutting edge event management system, which continues to be developed by Noosphere in cooperation with the FAI, aims to provide everything needed to organise and host a successful sports competition.

Its applications already include creating event websites, integrating with FAI databases, receiving scores from external scoring systems, and allowing competitors and organisers to communicate in an effective way.

And there are more innovations to come.

The development of the system is now at the “fine tuning” stage, the results of which should make it even more valuable to FAI championships held in 2018.

FAI President Frits Brink said: “The ground-breaking eNavigator system designed by our technical partner Noosphere is transforming air sports event management.

“I am very much looking forward to the forthcoming roadshow to the Air Sport Commission plenary meetings to promote this great new event management tool.”

eNavigator at The World Games 2017

The eNavigator’s first challenge was at The World Games 2017, held in Wroclaw, Poland in July.

There, the eNavigator was used to create the event website, to process and display results in the Paramotoring and Glider Acrobatics events, and to feature athlete’s information.

It was also used to send official scores for all the Canopy Piloting, Paramotoring and Glider Acrobatics competitions, and provided communication tools for officials.

Frits Brink said: “The eNavigator proved highly successful at The World Games 2017, allowing us to manage competition data and results with even greater efficiency than ever before.

“I can’t wait to see how it will improve FAI competitions in 2018.”

Noosphere and the FAI

The FAI signed a strategic partnership with the US asset management firm Noosphere Ventures in February 2017.

FAI President Frits Brink and Secretary General Susanne Schödel signed the agreement, which named Noosphere as an FAI Global Technical Partner, in Dnipro, Ukraine, on Thursday 2 February 2017.