13 Aug 2018

FAI World Microlight Championships touch down in Hungary

A total of 65 world-class pilots from 10 countries have come together to participate in the 16th FAI World Microlight Championships, being held this week at Nagykanizsa Airport in Hungary.

The competition, which was declared open on Saturday August 11 by FAI Microlight and Paramotor Commission (CIMA) President Wolfgang Lintl, includes five different disciplines and is the 16th event of its kind so far.

Organised by Kanizsa Repülö Klub, it is taking place in the beautiful Hungarian Puszta south of Lake Balaton – the largest lake in Central Europe.

Culminating on August 18, the event will involve competitors fighting it out to prove their prowess in navigation tasks, precision contests including spot landings, and endurance challenges in which they must stay airborne for as long as possible with limited fuel reserves.

The different aircraft being used in the event include modern and vintage microlights of both the single and two-seater varieties, as well as weight-shift controlled single and dual ultralight trikes.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the pilots taking part the very best of luck!

Photo credit: FAI/Wolfgang Lintl