14 Apr 2018

Day 3 - Finals day at Voss, the 1st FAI EISC

Saturday 14th April, 2018

9.00 hrs start and first to fly is Round 9 FS 4-Way, Open, Female and VFS followed by the Junior.  We then had the Solo Freestyle round 7 and some amazing juniors.  At the end of round 6 there is a 0.02 difference between Andrzej Soltyk, Poland and Mateo Limnalos from France. 

11.00 hrs and we are about to start the Dynamic 2 Way with the semi-final free rountine.

UK Freestyle - Alkisti VousvouniAmalie Hegland Lauritzen - Norway Freestyle
UK Freestyle - Alkisti VousvouniNorway Freestyle - Amalie Hegland Lauritzen

12.00  Started the losers' battles for the D2W with the one for 7th and 8th places between Austria 'Locomotion' and the Czech Republic ' Hurricanes' - they first each fly their free routine, and then in turn a speed round from the draw.  In this case Austria won the Free Routine and the Czech Republic the Speed round, so the result came after flying a different speed round - and Austria came out the winner.  We then progress through the battles with Spain and Norway for the 5th and 6th places with Norway coming 5th.

Austria - LocomotionCzech Rep. - Hurricane
Austria - Locomotion (free routine)Czech Republic - Hurricane (free routine)
Speed AustriaCzech Rep. - Speed
Speed - Austria  (tie breaker)Speed - Czech Republic  (tie breaker)
D2W JudgingAustria - Winners
Judging D2W - TournamentAustria declared the winners of this battle

 After lunch we then went into the final round for the Formation Skydiving events with France dominating the 4-Way events and Russia in a commanding position in the VFS.

In Round 8 of the Formation Skydiving 4-Way Female event we have two new World Records - Congratulations to the French Girls: Clémentine Lebohec, Christine Malnis, Sophia Pecout and Paméla Lissajoux - with a new record of 45 Points and a new average number of points over 10 rounds of 32.3 breaking the previous record of 29.8.

The final (probably) flights of the day were a tie-break for the second place in the Formation Skydiving 4-Way Female event between Russia and Great Britain.   They both scored the same number of points (21) so as there was not time for another flight it went to the next tie-break rule and a count back to the highest score in a single round and the team from Great Britain won so they claimed the silver medal in the FS 4-Way Female event.

The customary Competitors' Meetings were held before everyone headed off back to the Hotel to prepare for this evening's Prize-Giving ceremony and final banquet.  I will report on these tomorrow!  At the Formation Skydiving competitors' meeting there were no complaints - there was a discussion about trying live judging (with a video review back up) and Karla Cole (there as a representative of the Competition Committee) said they would look at it and discuss it in light of some of the tunnel competitions that are experimenting with it.   I did not attend the other meetings but will talk this evening to those that did and report tomorrow on any significant suggestions to come out of the meetings.