2nd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships

Laval, Quebec,

19 Oct
22 Oct 2017
20 Oct 2017

Day 3: The Championships have begun!

Here we see Regan Tetlow and Rai Ahmed, the well-known and highly experienced commentators, giving everyone an insight into today's events through the media of livestreaming. 

The competition started at 08.00hrs and it wasn't long before the top 4-Way Open teams - Belgium, France and Russia - were sharing 1st place with 30 points each. Sure it's early days yet, but it gives an insight into how matched these particularly teams are.

The girls too are really focused and after the first round France was in 1st place with 28 points, with Sweden and Poland sharing 2nd place with 24 points. Still we've only just begun, but France is set to stamp their authority to maintain their lead.

Throughout the day there has been no let up in the pace and after some 10 hours of almost continuous tunnel use, the timing schedules have barely slipped by a minute or two. We’re currently watching the Dynamic  2 and 4-Way teams in their qualifying rounds, which will bring today’s flights to a close at around 20.23hrs. Yes, the timings are as precise as that!  The current positions in all events are as follows:

4-Way Open:  On completion of Round 5:

1.  Belgium  161 (32.2 average)
2.  France    156 (31.2 average)
3.  USA        151 (30.2 average)

After 4 rounds France had a 1 point lead over Belgium, with Russia trailing by 3 points, but as if often the case, that all changed in the next round, with France having a momentary lapse of concentration, when they were penalised for two incomplete formations. Russia didn’t  fare much better, ending up relinquishing their 3rd position to USA. Yet we are only just half way through the competition and we all know that’s one big playing field.

4-Way Female: On completion of Round 5:

1. France   142 (28.4 average)
2. GBR       117 (23.4 average)
3. Sweden  114 (22.8 average)

The ladies too are giving us a great competition with France now extending their lead by 25 points over the UK at the end of Round 5. For the moment the real battle is between the UK and Sweden who have been virtually mirroring their scores since the start, with the UK breaking that stronghold in Round 4 by 1 point.  They've now extended their margin, but with another 5 rounds to go, it's anyone's game.

4-Way VFS: On completion of Round 4

1.  France  127  (31.75 average)

2.  USA      120 ( 30 average)

3.  Poland  100  (25 average)

Once again we see France striking out for the top slot and we are only at the end of Round 4, they've taken the lead over the USA by a margin of 7 points. Looking at the other players in this event there's little chance of any of them attacking the margins set by France and USA, with around 20 points between each of them. Back in 2015 at the 1st FAI World Indoor Championships France were crowned Champions - but only by 1 point!

This is becoming the all too familiar pattern of France getting a stronghold early on the competition, as they take clear command at the end of Round 4 in 4-Way Junior.

4-Way Junior: On completion of Round 4

1.  France   118  (29.5 average)
2.  Canada  110  (27.5 average)
3.  Czech       89 (22.5 average)

In the Artistic Events the Freestyle Junior competitors continue to win over the crowds with their dexterity and speed. With the 2nd of 7 rounds completed Singapore's Kyra Poh takes the lead over the USA's Kayleigh Wittenburg by a mere 0.2, who in turn has an even closer margin with Poland's Andrzej Soltyk at 0.1 of a point.