06 Jun 2024

Congratulations to the winners of Paragliding Euro 2024!

The 17th FAI European paragliding championships have successfully finished in Pegalajar Spain. 135 participants from 31 countries competed in the event. Pegalajar is a town in the province of Jaen in the autonomous community of Andalucia in Spain. This place has hosted paragliding competitions for decades. The event was sponsored by the local municipalities of Pegalajar and Jaen and supported by Roayal Airclub of Spain - RFAE. It was held from May 21 to June 1, 2024 with 1 reserve day.

During 10 competition days, 10 tasks of 1038 km in total were set. The longest flown task was 141 km. It was won by Juan Sebastian Ospina Restrepo GBR, whose leading points allowed him to supersede Michal Gierlach POL and Ferdinand Vogel GER who came to goal 10-20 seconds before. It took the fastest pilot only 3h 20 min and 40 seconds to cover this distance which accounts for the average speed of 42,34 km. The shortest task was 73 km on the following day. It was won by Maxime Pinot FRA, Francisco Javier Reina Lagos ESP and Honorin Hamard FRA. The fastest pilot flew this distance in 1h 42 min and 10 seconds which resulted in an average speed of 47,62 km. One task (task 9) was stopped due to rain on the course. In the last task (task 10), nobody managed to get to the goal due to the sudden increase of wind on the course. Only 4 pilots managed to take the final turn point. The majority of others landed before it. Honorin Hamard FRA who was second in Overall ranking after task 9 lost the podium due to this outlanding. 
Maxim Piinot FRA has won 3 tasks out of 10 and from the second task became the leader of the event and was never moved out of the 1st Overall position. The other task winners were: Rui Aguiar POR, Nuno Virgilio POR, Sebastian Ospina GBR, Darko Stankovski MKD, Yassen Savov BUL, Julien Wirtz FRA, and Federico Manzone ITA.  In the Female category, Constance Mettetal FRA  was also a permanent overall leader  - she has won all tasks in the category but one. The latter was won by Elizabeth Egger AUT. 

You can find all the results of the event by the link

Congratulations to the winners:


1 Maxim Pinot FRA
2 Juan Sebastian Ospina Restrepo GBR
3 Tilen Ceglar SLO


Top 10 pilots: Maxime Pinot FRA, Juan Sebastian Ospina Restrepo GBR, Tilen Ceglar SLO, Vladimir Bacanin SRB, Honorin Hamard FRA, Marcelo Sanchez Vilchez ESP, Michal Gierlach    POL, Ferdinand Vogel GER, Philipp Haag GER, Darko Stankovski MKD


1 Constance Mettetal FRA
2 Elizabeth Egger AUT
3 Anca Tabara ROU

Top 5: 4th - Silvia Buzzi Ferraris ITA, 5th - Joanna Kocot POL.

1 Great Britain 
2 France
3 Slovenia 


All results https://civlcomps.org/event/pg-euro-2024/results


Closing ceremony video  https://www.facebook.com/fai.civl/videos/475370998489339/