28 May 2006

Class I (women), II, V World Championship, Task 8

May the 27th… For the final day of the championship, as clouds were still threatening, pilots were sent early on smaller triangular tasks with goal where they took off, at Quest Airfield. Class I, II and V had respectively 69.9 km, 123.1 km and 102.7 km to fly. The task results… Class I: Natalia Khamlova (RUS), Corinna Schwiegershausen (GER), Kari Castle (USA) Class II Manfred Ruhmer (AUT), Steve Cox (SWZ), Robin Hamilton (UK) Class V: David Chaumet (FRA), Primoz Gricar (SVN), Tim Grabowski (DEU) Final overall results… Class I: Corinna Schwiegershausen (GER), Kari Castle (USA), Natalia Khamlova (RUS) Team: DEU, USA, RUS Class II: Manfred Ruhmer (AUT), Robin Hamilton (UK), Brian Porter (USA) Team: USA, AUT, GBR Class V: Robert Reisinger (AUT), David Chaumet (FRA), Alessandro Ploner (ITA) Team: FRA, ITA, AUT