17 Nov 2004

CIVL November Bureau Meeting

The CIVL Bureau usually meets twice a year: once in mid-autumn to analyse the last competition season and review the different matters that will be submitted to the next plenary ; once just before the official opening of the plenary (the next plenary will be held in Guatemala February 2005). The Bureau held its autumn meeting in Pleguien, France, on November the 11th, 12th and 13th. Present were: Olivier Burghelle, President ; John Aldridge, Flip Koetsier, Scott Torkelsen and Jim Zeiset, Vice Presidents ; Leonard Grigorescu, Secretary ; Stéphane Malbos, Treasurer. Paula Howitt, CIVL Co-ordinator, who is in charge of most of our secretarial work (WPRS, web site…), was also attending. The following matters were discussed: Safety Our latest competitions safety record is of concern to the FAI - Three accident this summer during the hang-gliding World and European championship, with one fatality ; one fatality in paragliding in each of the last three European championships. The Bureau gave special attention to the following: - flying in windy and gusty conditions, especially in mountainous areas; - selection of sites for championships and of task-flying areas and turning points (avoidance of lee areas subject to turbulence); - allocation of responsibility for safety at competitions (roles of meet director, task committee, safety committee, safety officer, stewards, international jury, etc) - who makes decisions to fly... and to stop flying; - radio communication; - pilots qualifications; - safety requirements and emergency equipment; - ballast; - pitch stability; Competitions Reviews were done of the 2004 championships run in Greifenburg (Austria), Millau (France), Kalavrita (Greece) and Hadong (Korea). Jury and steward reports were analysed. The jury reports can be found on the CIVL web site. Reviews were done of the 2004 test competitions run in Hay (Australia), Valadares (Brazil) and Niska Banja (Serbia Montenegro). Steward reports were analysed. Suggestions will be made to the organisers and sub-committees. Specific subjects were studied : - number of pilots to validate a Cat 1 championship; - push system; - GAP formulas; - places allocated for women in mixed championships. Test competitions will be run in 2005. A list of available stewards, and possible venues for the next Asia and Pan American continental championship were reviewed. Also studied were: minimum sanction fees; prices of medals; composition of the selection committees; how to recognise FAI officials; possibilities for tandem pilots to compete in individual championships. Sub-committees report CIVL carries five subcommittee (hang-gliding including aerobatics; paragliding; paragliding precision landing; safety; and record badge and flight verification) and two working groups (paragliding aerobatics and Serial class). Progress reports were examined. Final reports and propositions will be made at the next plenary. CIVL organisation How to improve our communication between Bureau members and towards all NACs and pilots? How should we cover the expenses of the different volunteers working for the CIVL ? That and other matters were studied to make CIVL and the Bureau work more efficiently. Budget Our 2004 budget will show a positive result. In 2005, more investments will be made. Some charges will be lowered (eg. medals, IPPI cards). The result should balance. And also… A debriefing of the FAI general conference was given. CIVL participation to the FAI centenary was defined. World Air Games and Centenary Games were evoked. The mission of the FAI environmental commission was underlined, awards to pilots or officials were studied. The new WPRS was lengthily discussed, so were acceptable test laboratories for paragliders load and shock tests and finally the competition organiser agreement. Preparations for the next plenary meeting in Guatemala was studied and guide lines for the presentation bids for Cat 1 events were reviewed. The minutes of this meeting will be published on the CIVL web site as soon as they are approved by all members of the Bureau.