01 Dec 2023

CIVL Bureau Autumn 2023 Meeting

The 2023 Fall Bureau meeting took place in Mungyeong, South Korea from October 15-17, right after the Asian-Oceanic Paragliding Championship test event. This was done for efficiency and cost savings, as several bureau members were already there to work at the test event, and a significant portion of the expenses were, with much gratitude from CIVL, covered by the KPGA and Championship organizer. It also enabled us to confirm the suitability of the competition venue and organization.

The following topics were discussed:


Review of 2023 Category 1 Events

  • Strengthen the role of the Steward
  • Officials travel will be organized by CIVL
  • A more in-depth Jury report


Category 2 Events Review

  • Events in countries with no NAC
  • Sanction fee adjustment
  • Pilot/Organizer issues. Complaints for Cat 2 events.
  • Forum with NACs


Paragliding XC

  • Competition Harnesses Working Group results review.
  • Fairness in Cat 1 -  limiting the number of pilots per nation.
  • A guideline document for task setting, scoring, race philosophy and safety.
  • Airscore roll-out in 2024. FS will be officially retired during 2024.
  • Real Leading Points will be tested in a series of high level (PWCA) events in 2024.
  • The new “line” turnpoint option will be added to S7.
  • The growing interest in PG Sport Class competitions. The Bureau believes that CIVL should establish a framework for Sport Class competitions, a separate WPRS ranking system for Sport Class, and explore holding a single Cat 1 Sport Class competition to gauge interest.


Hang Gliding

  • A discussion on what role CIVL can play to boost attendance and interest in Hang Gliding competition.


Paragliding Accuracy

  • Section 7C has been clean-up and updated with the harnesses allowed, use of CCC gliders, the number of judges, and more.
  • To ensure that good judges can be secured, the Chief Judge will receive a nominal daily stipend, similar to Stewards and Jury members.


Paragliding Aerobatics

  • 2023 had six events, the most in a long time.
  • The new scoring system is satisfactory.
  • The Super Final in Turkey was a success, and the organizers are bidding for a World Championship in 2024.


Hike and Fly

  • A working group was formed after the last plenary, and has made considerable progress.
  • A review of the drafts for the new part of Section 7, including rules and a new WPRS for Hike and Fly.



  • The bureau discussed the change in the General Section of the sporting code that will allow us to redefine the rule regarding multiple records.



  • Cat 1 incident reporting has been inconsistent and sometimes missing needed details.
  • Add collection and analysis of incident reports to the duties of the jurors.
  • SafePro Tandem needs to be reviewed by EHPU and CIVL so that the different schemes (CIVL, EHPU, APPI) are coherent.



  • The draft of a new Environmental Policy was presented and discussed.
  • The goal is to present it at the upcoming plenary for formal adoption.



  • Ways to improve the Pq calculation were discussed.


Event Management System (EMS)

  • The current system was reviewed and discussed, as well as the list of features to be added in the future.
  • A proper “roll-out” of the system will be done in 2024, including an awareness and education campaign.



  • 2023 results to date were reviewed as well as expectations for 2024.
  • Stipends for Jury, Steward, and Accuracy Chief Judge will be updated.
  • Volunteers losing money due to bank charges for currency conversion



  • Many other discussions took place, including how the Bureau can be more effective.
  • More frequent meetings (online).
  • A revamp of the Basecamp structure and discussions.
  • CIVL Archives. Proposals for the CASI.
  • Current activities of the Commission President Group (CPG).
  • The Jury and Steward Assignments for 2024.


Please find the full text of the Summary of the CIVL Bureau meeting by this link