22 Mar 2022

CIAM flyer (01-2022): The Electric Motor's Long Road to F3A Aerobatics

It was at the F3A World Championships from 15th to 19th September 1971, at the Central Bucks County Airport in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, in front of a large crowd of spectators, that Fred Militky showcased the first radio-controlled electric model glider. This was the real beginning of electric flight.

However, the real breakthrough for electric propulsion in the F3A aerobatics category came in 2003 at the F3A World Championships in Poland. Jason Shulman from USA (top picture) used a Hacker C50 electric motor with transmission in his Rhapsody model by Lorenz (GER) and reached the 5th place, while USA took the 1st place in the team rankings.

Modern Electric motor for F3A Aerobatics