03 Jan 2015

Chile Sailplane Grand Prix News

After six days of very interesting racing, the Chile SGP is entering into its final stages with any of the top four pilots still able to achieve one of the two coveted places in the 2015 World Final in Varese. There are two days of head to head racing remaining in this wonderland of soaring with some of the most awe inspiring views and remarkable soaring conditions anywhere in the world.

The current leader Carlos Rocca (Chile) has pulled out a decent lead with 3 day wins and 35 points. Close behind him is Thomas Gostner (Italy) with 29 points having pulled up into second after his blistering win on race day 5. Close behind Thomas are Rene Vidal (Chile) and Jurgen Wenzel (Germany).

All the race results here.

The conditions for each day of racing has been quite different allowing the pilots to make some very different choices and providing great entertainment. You can read all the day’s race highlights here.

The tracking is a bit clunky and limited but this is more than made up for by the very informative commentary from Arturo Dias, a local soaring pilot of great experience in the region. Arturo’s afternoon tour of the Andes has been very educational for anyone excited by soaring in the Chilean Andes.

The coverage for the next two days is live and available on the SGP website.

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FAI/SGP correspondent
January 30th 2015