31 May 2018

Bulletin 2 - Canopy Piloting World Championships - Wroclaw, Poland 2018


Bulletin 2 is now published on this website under this link - Bulletin 2, 1st FAI WCPFC and 7th FAI WCPC

Alternatively you can follow 'Events' - 'IPC Events Page' - Click on top line about Canopy Piloting FCE's Wroclaw, Poland which will expand to include the link to the Bulletin 2.

Looking forward to the start of the various World Championships due to take place this year and hope to see many of you in Poland.  Having been the hosts of the World Air Games 2017 this is an experienced organiser adding the finishing touches for an exciting World Championships.  Looking forward to the continued competition between our current World Champion Christopher Bobo (after an incomplete but qualifying event in 2016) - the World Cup winner in 2017 - Nicholas Batsch and the Winner of the World Air Games event, Curtis Bartholomew.

Blue skies.