15 Jul 2013

Anti-doping FAQs for competitors and event organisers

To complete the anti-doping information already available on the FAI website, the FAI has created two FAQs for competitors and event organisers to facilitate a better knowledge and understanding of all matters relating to anti-doping.

“What do I risk by taking prohibited substances”, “If doping tests are conducted at my event, what should I do?", "If I am tested and my sample is positive, what can I do?” are only a sample of the questions found on the anti-doping FAQs web pages.

FAI Anti-Doping Manager Ségolène Rouillon said, “It is a daily challenge to educate all competitors and event organisers about anti-doping while staying attuned to their concerns.Although extensive information can be found on this subject on the FAI website, we realised that they also needed to quickly find clear answers to a list of the most commonly asked questions. Hence the idea of FAQs to help competitors and event organisers understand the anti-doping rules."

Ségolène is the staff member to contact regarding all anti-doping matter, including tests, prohibited substances and therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs): “I encourage anyone who has doubts about anti-doping, however small they may be, to contact me to have them clarified. I am here to help and make sure that everyone is aware of the anti-doping rules and fully understands them.”


FAI Anti-Doping Manager Ségolène ROUILLON
+41 21 345 10 70 / e-mail

PDF version

A PDF version of the two FAQs is also available to download.