27 Oct 2017

Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying

As Overton, Nevada prepares for an invasion of 60+ of the best Wingsuit Flyers from 11 nations representing 5 continents on the 1st November, the organisation is gearing up for a stunning competition.  The 2nd World Cup in both Performance Wingsuit Flying and Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying.  Not all the current record holders will be there, so we are in for an exciting few days.

Chris Geiller, USA will be there to defend both his World Champion place and his record for the Highest Time of 95.7 Seconds set on 06.11.2016.  However both Travis Mickle, USA (Silver medalist) and Espen Fadnes, NOR (bronze medalist) will be there again to push the envelope.  

To all competitors have a great competition - we will be able to watch as the days unfold with Skydive TV, IPC Media Partners who have brought so many hours of good skydiving to our screens.

This video gives you a flavour of Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying - watch with wonder:  From the 2016 World Cup