09 Jul 2017

9 July 2012: Akihiro Danjo flew his model aircraft for almost 20 minutes

Five years ago today, on 9 July 2012, Japanese pilot Akihiro Danjo flew his model aircraft with extensible motor for 19 min 40 sec, thus breaking the World Record in Duration. His remarkable record still stands today.

The flight took place indoors at a Tokyo gym. Despite the hot temperature (30-35 degrees Celsius), which caused several rubbers to break, Danjo managed to get the best time at his 6th flight. 

Shoji Kaneko was present as a subsitute steerer for wheelchair-bound Danjo.

Over the years Danjo has broken no less than 23 world records. Congratulations, Akihiro Danjo !

World record details

Class:F (Aeromodelling and Spacemodelling)
Sub-Class:F1L (Free Flight)
Category:Indoor Aeroplane
Group:Extensible Motor
Type of record:Duration (ceiling less than 8 m): 116-a
Performance:19 min 40 sec
Course/Location:Tokyo (Japan)