07 Sep 2009

53rd Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett

The “53rd Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett”, the famous international FAI aeronautical race, was launched Saturday evening from the Vessy Sports Center in Geneva (Switzerland).

16 gas-balloon teams from 8 nations participate in this race which started with a dramatic night-launch in perfect weather conditions.

Event Director Markus Haggeney sent the balloons on their way to the Mediterranean where they presently are facing long overwater flights.

All balloons are tracked from the Competition Center in Geneva by SatPro and Immarsat satellites which provides real time positions of the competing balloons on the Event Website at www.geneva.gordon-bennett.ch, and where the race can be followed.

As of Sunday Morning at 11:00 local time the three leading balloon were

  1. Austria 1
  2. Belgium 1
  3. Finland 1

Competitors are expected to make decisions on their flight strategy and tactics very soon, aiming for Italy or Spain, North Africa being out of bounds for this competition.

Exclusive Press Contacts:
* Nicole Haggeney +41 76 7279458
* Markus Haggeney +41 76 7279457