03 Jul 2024

The 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championship begins today in Hungary

The air sport of parachuting has its roots in both civilian and military sporting activity. Sixty years after the first CISM (International Military Sports Council) World Military Parachuting Championships, the 46th edition starts today in Szolnok, Hungary, welcoming participants to compete until 12 July 2024. How did this well-established military event become part of the FAI air sports calendar and how has it influenced the development of the sport?

CISM, the International Military Sports Council, upholds the motto ‘Friendship through Sport’ and has maintained a long partnership with FAI through its Skydiving Commission (ISC). ISC President Alberto Martin Paracuellos is attending the Championships and comments that, “CISM parachuting events are always very well attended, and the organisation is outstanding.”

He continues: “The sport of parachuting continues to develop for the benefit of its athletes, thanks in part to the strength of FAI and CISM’s long-standing partnership. For instance, CISM judges are also valid for FAI competitions. In the CISM championships each delegation must allocate a judge, and this has helped promote judging courses and bring through new judges. And importantly, records made during CISM events can be ratified by FAI.”

The Championships will see individual Accuracy Landing and Style in male, female and junior categories, as well as 4-way Formation Skydiving in both male and female categories. The speciality of CISM is that the same five team members must achieve good scores in the three disciplines Accuracy Landing, Style and Formation Skydiving to win the team overall classification.

Colonel Gernot Rittenschober, President of CISM Parachuting and ISC Committee Member for Style and Accuracy and Parachute-Ski, says: “While it is possible to concentrate only on one or two disciplines and possibly win medals, overall excellence is what a military team is training for both in sport competitions and military missions.”

Rittenschober also emphasises the importance of the CISM relationship with FAI, stating that “CISM welcomes ISC President Alberto Martin Paracuellos to the championships in the spirit of friendship that ensures the partnership with FAI flourishes into the future.”

About the 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championships

The main dropzone features a video wall which shows livestreams of all disciplines. Videos from style and formation jumps will be added to the results website


3 July: Opening Ceremony
4-11 July: Competition Days
12 July: Closing Ceremony

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FAI and CISM - a SUCCESSFUL partnership

Just like FAI, CISM is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and Parachuting as a sport has developed through a symbiotic relationship between both organisations. The CISM World Military Parachuting Championships is a regular Category 1 event in the FAI Calendar and has been hosted by 26 different nations since France hosted the inaugural championships in 1964. Accuracy Landing and Style have been contested since the beginning, with Formation Skydiving being added in 1979. 

“Style and Accuracy Landing developed as a Skydiving sport using surplus military parachutes used in the early 1950s,” explains Martin Paracuellos. “From the very early days it was practiced by civilian and military competitors alike.”

CISM was founded in 1948 with the goal to “promote sport in the armed forces and use sport for peace building between countries.” Only soldiers on active military duty are allowed to participate in CISM championships, providing them with an opportunity to engage on sports fields rather than the battlefield. CISM was established in 1948 with five founding nations: France, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Today the organisation has 141 members and covers 25 sports and organises a wide variety of competitions, including the World Summer Games and World Winter Games. Parachuting is just one of the 25 other CISM sports which include shooting, orienteering, sailing, military pentathlon, archery, climbing, basketball and golf. 

Parachute-Ski is another CISM event which is a recognised FAI sport and was developed through military activity. The athlete performs an accuracy landing skydive then skis a giant slalom race. CISM will hold a Parachute-Ski championships as part of the 2025 CISM Military World Winter Games in Switzerland.

Image credits: hmzrinyi.hu