22 Apr 2021

2021 Edition of Section 7 Sporting Code is published

New edition of FAI Sporting Code Section 7 was published in CIVL Documents. It will become effective on May 1, 2021.

The changes affect the following aspects:

Section 7 B Paragliding Aerobatics

  • Allocation rules
  • 10 more Syncro manoeuvres 
  • Definition of landing rules for Solo and Synchro
  • Wing touch bonus

Section 7 C Paragliding Accuracy 

  • Entry and Registration for Category 2 events
  • Final round format
  • Re-launches distraction and judges' discretion
  • Target and AMD
  • Category 2 events validity
  • Penalties in Category 2 events
  • Complaints and Protests in Category 2 events
  • Harnesses requirements
  • Judges section rules - review period increased up to 3 years
  • Judging Code for Category 2 events
  • Several cleanups

Section 7 F XC Scoring:

  • Start the Leading Coefficient graph used for leading points calculation at task start time (11.3.1)
  • Fix error in time points reduction formula in stopped tasks with multiple start gates (12.3.5)
  • Clarification of order in which penalties are applied (12.3)

The current edition of Section 7 can always be found in CILV documents https://www.fai.org/civl-documents under Sporting Code and Other rules - Section 7 Hang Gliding and Paragliding