14 May 2019

2019 CIA Annual Meeting

This year’s CIA Annual Meeting was hosted by the Turkish CIA Delegation from March 11 through 15 at the Eresin Hotel at Istanbul Turkey.
The Bureau met for initial discussions March 11 with Committees & Working Group Meetings & Strategy Workshop working on March 12 & 13.
A brief scan of the agenda shows the following points were raised, discussed, decided upon either positively or by negative vote.

After the formal welcome to delegates, apologies listed the meeting worked together on the various aspects of our sport.

The CIA President’s Report on the FAI General Conference held in Luxor Egypt October 2018 was presented to the meeting along with Committee reports from personnel listed below.

Safety & Education: Bengt Stener
Rules Report & Proposals: Uwe Schneider
New Technology: Claude Weber
Equipment Funds: Marc André
Jury: Hans Akerstedt
Event Development Services: Garry Lockyer
Public & Media Relations: Debbie Spaeth
Strategy Workshop: Claude Weber

A reminder to the Plenary that the process for CIA sanctions events must be followed as such:

  1. (a)  approve Sanction applications presented by the Event Development Service, which includes the Event Director, Deputy Director(s), Safety Officer and Sanction Fee.
  2. (b)  approve the Rules for Sanctioned Events presented by the Rules Subcommittee; appoint the Jury for Sanctioned Events nominated by the organisers and presented by the Jury.

The CIA Bureau has historically been elected for a one-year term. This year brought change as a two-year term was implemented to bring the CIA election into line with other FAI Commissions.

The CIA Bureau for 2019-2021 term are as follows:
President Mark Sullivan (USA)
Re-elected for 3rd term (Elected in 2016).

1st Vice president Claude Weber (Luxembourg)
Re-elected to this position for 2nd term.

2nd Vice president Uwe Schneider (Germany)
Has been on the Bureau a number of times.

3rd Vice president Marc Andre (Switzerland)
New to Bureau.

Secretary Sanne Haarhuis (Netherlands)
First term as Secretary- New to Bureau.
Full minutes of this meeting will be prepared by the CIA Secretary and distributed to all member nations’ delegates.