05 Feb 2018

2018 Judge Training Courses

Ulla Maersk (DEN) completes her successful Judge Training Course in Wingsuit Flying 2017

Randy Connell was the Trainer


5th February 2018

Four FAI Judge Training Courses have been organised along with the World Championships this year.  Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation and Speed Skydiving in Australia in October and Accuracy Landing and Freefall Style in Bulgaria in August.

Please visit the IPC Documents page of this website and under 'Delegates, Judges, Jury' you will find 'Judges Training Courses' and full details of the courses, cost, qualification, registration and mimimum participation.  If you wish to upgrade your judge's qualification to FAI status, and meet the qualification needs, please contact your NAC as soon as possible to arrange entry to the course.  The organisers of these courses are looking for confirmation of a minimum participation before finalisation all the necessary arrangements.