07 Oct 2018

The World Championships are underway on the Gold Coast!

Hop & pops from a C17 Globemaster at the Opening Ceremony yesterday.   Photo credit: Steve Fitchett

Sunday 7th October 2018:   Perfect conditions greeted the CF 2-Way Sequential jumpers with a 15 minutes call scheduled for 05.45hrs followed by FS 4-Way jumpers getting theirs at 07.45hrs and the FS 4-Way Female teams expecting theirs at 08.30hrs.

The Live Results are being regularly updated as scores are verified without waiting for entire rounds to be completed. In the meantime, have a look at the Sports Super Centre venue where everything except emplaning and landing is taking place.

By early afternoon we had 4 complete rounds of CF 2-Way Sequential in the bag with France and Qatar at the top of the table, cementing their positions by the end of the day with round 5, with France having 141 points over Qatar's 136.

The French girls unsurprisingly dominate the FS 4-Way Female competition, taking the lead in each round so far, with Great Britain in 2nd place. The remaining five teams are all equally matched but with another 6 rounds to go, it's still anyone's call.

As the day drew to a close the Speed competitiors has managed two rounds - although incomplete due to the need for a re-jump which will be made tomorrow morning. Their graphs make interesting reading.

The only other discipline to get off the ground today was FS 8-Way, with USA striding to the forefront over Russia having completed 1 round.

NB: The draws for each discipline can be seen on each results page.