25 Mar 2020

Update regarding the FAI 2020 Mondial World Championships - Tanay, Russian Federation


The world-wide COVID-19 virus is a matter that we must all consider very seriously and we have already seen the impact on our Indoor Skydiving European Championships and World Cup which had to be suspended. 
The other major FAI ISC First Category Event to be held this year is the Mondial in Russia in August.

Many NACs are questioning whether or not this event will take place. As we all come to terms with confinement or other measures imposed on us, it is obvious that athletes cannot follow their training schedule as planned.

It is important to understand that FAI sign an Organiser Agreement (OA) with the Event Organiser.  Consequently, FAI has the legal responsibility to respect that OA. The FAI is represented by its President who delegates this matter to the Secretary General. The OA details the conditions under which the FAI Secretary General may cancel the OA: 

  • For reason of significant risk to the safety of the participants or any other situation in which the safe and appropriate conduct of the event is no longer warranted.
  • Always in consultation with the Commission concerned.

So far, the FAI President and Secretary General are reluctant to make a general decision that might not strictly fit these criteria. 

They expect event organisers to respond to their governments’ directions which was the case for the Indoor events.  In their case, the decision to fulfil the OA and reschedule the Event was made jointly with the Secretary General at the request of the event organiser. The OA has been updated accordingly.

For the moment, there are no government directives from the Russian Federationconcerning the Mondial. Other countries’ directives concerning travel and confinement currently are for a limited period of time that does not extend much beyond April or May. 

Obviously, the situation is being closely monitored and the ISC will keep you informed of any significant updates. 

However, as things stand today, we have agreed, at the request of the Organiser, that unless forced otherwise, FAI will wait until the end of May before making any major decision.

The ISC and the Organiser of the Mondial are going ahead with the preparations for the Event in August 2020.  To facilitate good organisation for the Mondial, NACs should send preliminary entry forms to the Organiser as per Bulletin N° 1. 

Please ensure your athletes are aware of this situation. 

Should your NAC decide at any point before the end of May, not to participate in the Mondial, please let the ISC Bureau know directly by email to me : ipcgillian@gmail.com. This will help for future decisions. 

The Organiser is in constant close touch with both the government of the Russian Federation and the Governor of Kemerovo.  All three parties are still looking forward to hosting this major event and welcoming you to Siberia, as we are.

Best wishes to you and I remain at your disposal should you have additional questions.