FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL)

16 Jun 2022

Russia and Belarus in Cat 2 events

The CIVL President apologies for the imprecise writing of the last post. Please disregard it. Here is a more precise one.

CIVL received requests for clarification from Second Category event organisers in regard to the participation of pilots holding FAI Sporting Licences issued by Russia and Belarus.

On February 28, 2022, the FAI Executive Board suspended the NACs of Russia and Belarus. As a consequence, Russia and Belarus cannot organise FAI events and pilots holding FAI Sporting Licences issues by these two NACs cannot compete in FAI events. This is the case for all suspended NACs (currently also Nepal and Bahrain).

The CIVL asked that these pilots be allowed to fly under the neutral flag of the FAI, but it was refused as the FAI statutes don’t allow it.

FAI international events are under the responsibility of NACs that pledge to follow the FAI rules when joining the FAI. The organisers and NACS, when signing the CIVL application form so their events are published on the FAI calendar with Cat 2 status, also pledge to follow these rules. When organisers accept pilots whose NACs are suspended, they and their NACs can be considered as violating the FAI rules and penalised accordingly.

Organisers should be aware that the situation is closely monitored by many. The CIVL can only encourage organisers to respect the rule strictly.