20 Jun 2005


We are revamping our web pages! The News pages have already been improved. They are now organised in 28 (!) different categories, matching the future CIVL site general sections.

The website still has the same old look. We recently made proposals to the FAI web designers. We are now waiting for their input. The new site design will fit 17’’ screens. Its general appearance will be the same as the Home page of the FAI site. FAI wants its image to be unified, whatever the sport involved. 

We are using a software called Drupal, that enable us to write directly in the web site whenever and wherever we want. We are then relatively independent, and are also taking a lot of work of FAI shoulders. Still, what appears on our site has to be controlled, official. In 2006, only three persons will have direct access to the web site : Flip Koetsier (President), Paula Howitt (Coordination Officer), and Stéphane Malbos (Web Coordination Officer). 

An important feature of the site will be what we call the Latest Articles. In these spaces, we will write short news and attach files or pictures. They will be organised in such a way that any news can be publish in one or many Latest Article spaces in the different chapters or subchapters. 

Today, we can publish those Latest Articles only on the Home page, that shows the 5 more recent. The older ones are archived and easily found from the Home page.