Red Bull Air Race World Championship

17 Nov 2018

Red Bull Air Race 2018 Final: How to Watch

After a spectacular day of Qualifying racing the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2018 sees its final day on Sunday 18 November.

The final race day of the season, and the culmination of the year-long competition, is being held in the vast setting of the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

So far the pilots have enjoyed perfect conditions in Texas: Matthias Dolderer (DE) won Qualifying on Saturday with a fastest lap time of 50.614 seconds. Martin Sonka (CZ) was 0.262 seconds behind him.

However, those conditions are all set to change on Sunday when a northwesterly wind is forecast to blow through, bring cloud, a drop in temperature, and wind. This will shake up many of the pilots, and could bring an element of luck into play. There will certainly be pylon blowouts and some tricky conditions to contend with.

Kirby Chambliss (US), the longest serving pilot in the Red Bull Air Race and a Texan, said: “Everything we have learned here over the last two days, you can just take that, shake it up and throw it in the air. If the wind is from the northwest then it will be a completely different track. It will be a really interesting race tomorrow.”

To stay up to date with all the action, follow the race on Livestream on at these times – all depending on the weather, of course:

  • Challenger Class Final: 11.45am Texas time / 6.45pm Paris time
  • Master Class Round of 14: 1pm Texas time / 8pm Paris
  • Master Class Round of 8: 3pm Texas time / 10pm Paris
  • Master Class Grand Final: 3.30pm Texas time / 10.30pm Paris

Photo: Martin Sonka in action at the Red Bull Air Race 2018 in Texas. Credit: Mihai Stetcu/Red Bull Content Pool