28 Feb 2013

Ranking Lists for Formation Skydiving post the Mondial Dubai

USA tops the ranking in 4-way Female with Norway coming second. Despite their success in Dubai, France stayed as number 3 - proving that it is costly not to enter all FCE’s!

In 4-way open the consistency of the Belgium team elevated them to 1st placewith France slipping into 2nd and Russia retaining their 3rd position.  The USA paid the price of not entering all FCE’s.   This year, the success of the Mondial in Dubai propels 11 new countries into the ranking lists:  Qatar, UAE, Spain, Morocco, Singapore, Ireland, Argentina, Columbia, Oman, Thailand and Equador.

Both 8-way and VFS saw no change in the status quo with France, Russia and USA retaining their 1,2,3 ranking in 8-way and France, Great Britain and Belgium 1,2,3 in VFS.  However with 19 countries entering the 8-way competition for the first time Singapore, Canada, Austria, Brazil, UAE, and Quatar appear in the ranking lists for the first time, as do Australia and Sweden in the VFS listing.