18 May 2022

Paragliding XC Euro: Eligibility Criteria Adjusted

By CIVL Bureau decision, the top 700 pilots of the European WPRS are now allowed to enter the 16th FAI Paragliding European Championships to take part in Nis, Serbia, from July 25 to August 6, 2022.

If you are interested, please register ASAP https://civlcomps.org/event/ECHSerbia. A new allocation will be done on May 27, 2022.


The Eligibility to Compete criteria in Paragliding Cross Country First Category events has evolved along the years. Since 2004, it is linked to the pilots’ ranking in the WPRS. For many years, the local regulations of each event was defining the ranking level. Then for many years it was set at the top 400 of the World ranking for World championships and 400 of the European ranking for European championships. In 2016, 400 was changed into 500.

The adjustments were based on a balance between having pilots of levelled proficiency and having enough of them to fill the events and insure its financial viability. 

The current pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have upset this balance.

The PG XC Euro needs more pilots so it can take part without a financial loss.

This is why the CIVL Bureau has decided to modify the eligibility criteria.